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20 Jul, 2021

Al Amal Company: a "turnkey" solution to start the in-house production of bitumen emulsions


Al Amal Company for Plastic Pipes & Fittings, founded in 1964, was the first company to specialize in UPVC plastic pipes in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. Their technologies and equipment are aligned with the best European standards in the industry - German standards, in particular.

The current production unit covers an area of 180,000 sqm and includes 40 extrusion lines for pipes and 51 injection lines for fittings. Production has exceeded 60,000 tonnes of pipes and 120,000 tonnes of fittings per year.

The company is the largest producer of plastic pipes in the whole of Africa and exports to the entire Middle East.


Heliopolis - Cairo - Egypt.

Year of completion



Complete "turnkey installation" for the production of cationic and anionic bituminous emulsions for industrial use, in particular for the production of paints and protective pastes for plastic PVC pipes for the sanitary sector. The customer, who had no specific experience in the production of emulsions, decided to purchase the plant in order to produce the protective products themselves, which had previously always been purchased from external manufacturers.

The installation included:

- 1 emulsion production plant type EVO 3500 AB TS, with a production capacity of up to 6 tonnes/h, complete with pumps for water and bitumen loading, as well as a latex additives system for the production of emulsions modified with polymers;
- 1 horizontal storage tank for pure bitumen, type TH40, capacity 40 cubic meters, equipped with a motorized valve for the automatic control of the temperature of the product in storage and equipped with two specific collars for the addition of vertical agitators;
- volumetric gear pump, type FA45, capacity 45,000 l/h, for filling the bitumen tank from the filling truck;
- 1 vertical silo for storing emulsions, type TVE12, capacity 12 cubic meters, complete with motorized oil valve DN65, immersed electric pump 12/24,000 l/h double polarity, level indicator;
- type FA3 volumetric gear pump, capacity 3,000 l/h, for sending the emulsions to the external mixer (not supplied by us) for the production of bituminous pastes, for the addition of bentonite and other additives;
- 1 thermal oil heater, type MG60, power 600,000 kcal/h for the supply of thermal oil for heating the entire installation;
- 1 laboratory mill, type LAB-3, for checking formulation recipes and developing new formulations;
- piping and connection valves for the bitumen, emulsion and thermal oil circuits.

What we did

Due to the customer's lack of specific experience in the production of emulsions and protective paints/pastes we followed the development of the project with Al Amal "from scratch".

In more detail, we:

- identified the most suitable type of plant for the customer's needs;
- dimensioned the storage facilities for raw materials and finished products;
- positioned the components and connected the various pipelines using step-by-step drawings with all the sequential stages of assembly;
- collaborated with another national manufacturer for the supply of equipment for the production of bitumen emulsion paints;
- cooperated with a national additives manufacturer to identify suitable recipes and production methods;
- collaborated with a supplier of laboratory equipment to organize the customer's laboratory for quality control;
- carried out initial commissioning of equipment;
- trained the staff in charge of management;
- continuously provided support, in the after-sales phase, for improvements, new needs and expansions.


It was a challenging and rewarding project for all involved. Our pre- and post-sales advice enabled the client to abandon the practice of buying paints and protective pastes from third parties and to start producing bitumen emulsions in-house.

Like the project for Afrique Étanchéité, this is an example of a project for the production of bitumen emulsions for industrial use and not for the usual road construction sector.

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