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06 Jul, 2021

Bitumen emulsion plant for waterproofing membranes: the case of Afrique Étanchéité


Founded in 1970, Afrique Étanchéité is one of Morocco's leading manufacturers of waterproofing membranes and is also present in other Maghreb and West African countries.

The product range includes over 20 different types of modified bitumen membranes, both with SBS and APP, as well as various thermal insulation systems based on rock wool, polyurethane, extruded polystyrene and natural materials such as cork.

The company also produces a range of complementary products, such as bagged cold asphalt, fiberglass sheets, bituminous mastics and synthetic fiber geotextiles.

Over time, the company has been able to meet the needs of a growing market, with major investments in know-how, acquisition of new production lines and development of the range of waterproofing, sealing and insulation products.

Building on its success, in 2018 Afrique Étanchéité launched a project to build a new industrial site in Morocco, equipped with more efficient infrastructure and production technologies, with the aim of serving more markets.


Mohammedia - Casablanca - Morocco.

Year of completion



The study, realization and installation of a production plant for bituminous emulsions, for use in the field of waterproofing membranes for the building industry.

The plant, called MATIC 3500 AA TS, is distinguished by the following features:

- high production capacity of up to 15 t/h;
- continuous production of emulsions, but with preparation of the water phase by batch;
- high degree of automation, with fully automatic management of the entire production cycle;
- new high-efficiency 300 TT emulsion mill with special V-ring seals;
- new additive loading and dosing system, with direct suction from the drums/cans, without intermediate tanks, and based on quantity control, using scales on load cells and in-line flow meters.

What we did

- collaboration with the technical staff of Afrique Étanchéité for the revision/optimization of the pure bitumen storage facilities and for the construction of the new emulsion storage depot;
- provision of technical consultancy for the construction of bitumen, emulsion and thermal oil piping lines connections;
- revision/adaptation of the software of the emulsion plant to allow the integration of bitumen facilities  into the existing storage installation.


This project was a challenge for at least two reasons:

- it was the first "field test" of our emulsion plant model, at maximum capacity and with the highest degree of automation, for a manufacturer of emulsions for industrial use;
- it was the first bitumen emulsion plant to be installed in Africa for a company specializing in the manufacture of waterproofing membranes.

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