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27 Sep, 2021

Spray tanks: a "four-handed" project with the Eiffage Group


The Eiffage Group is one of the largest construction and concessions companies in Europe: with headquarter in France, it has been present in Spain for 40 years. With more than 5,050 employees and a turnover of more than 933 million euros, the group operates in Spain in various sectors, such as energy and infrastructure, carrying out high quality projects.

With over 1,000 employees, the Eiffage Infraestructuras division operates in various fields:

  • construction;
  • public works;
  • concrete production;
  • mortar;
  • prefabricated structures;
  • production and laying of bituminous materials.

The excellent team of professionals experienced in civil works, combined with the means and resources at its disposal, enables it to carry out works of all kinds (residential and industrial development, hydraulics, structures, roads, railway platforms and airports, etc.). In Spain, Eiffage Infraestructuras is a leader in the production of asphalt with 25 fixed and 3 mobile plants. Each year it participates in numerous construction and maintenance projects on the road network: local roads, major motorways, rest areas and logistic platforms, both public and private.


Madrid and Alicante - Spain.

Year of completion



In order to meet the customer's needs, we have developed two spray tanks with some important customised solutions:

- Unit suitable for spraying bitumen emulsion, both standard and polymer-modified, installed on a MAN TGM truck;

- double compartment: 5,000 litres for emulsion and 3,000 litres for water

- heating of the emulsion tank with a thermal oil heater of 80,000 kcal/h, equipped with an automatic oil burner;

- thermal oil heating system for both the emulsion pump and the spraying bar;

- fully automatic spraying bar with hydraulically operated lifting and lateral extensions;

- stainless steel cladding and automatic emulsion hand lance reel

- diesel pumping station for refuelling construction vehicles, water pump for loading and refilling construction vehicles;

We have also added some additional features:
- anti-sticking additive tank complete with pumping station, flow meter, gun and hose reel;

- engine oil tank complete with pumping station, flow meter, gun and hose reel;

- hydraulic oil tank complete with pumping station, flow meter, gun and hose reel;

- front fairing of the unit, between cab and tank;

- automatic control of spraying via an electronic console (computer) in the cabin.

What we did

Below is a list of the work done with our spraying tanks in Spain:

  1. Alicante

  • Reinforcement of the A-7 road in Elche;
  • Reinforcement of the road in Lorca (acceleration lane). 
  1. Madrid
  • A.M. - ROAD M-208 (first spray tanker job);
  • Section of the Aragon 1 motorway;
  • Railway line - Madrid Airport (roads d.i - terminals 1,2,3);
  • City Hall - various works;
  • Paving of the football field in Valdebebas.


Right from the start, the project saw the active participation of the customer, who was a guest at our Italian headquarters to get to know our proposals better.

In order to meet Eiffage's requirements, several changes were made to the standard solution, especially regarding the installation of additional tanks complete with pumping station. This request arose from Eiffage's experience in the field cultivated during the many jobs carried out on the construction sites, which in turn allowed us to improve the range of options we can now offer on the Italian and European markets.

Once again, we have demonstrated that close collaboration with our customers really is the indispensable means for the continuous improvement of our product!

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