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28 Nov, 2022

Duty calls for a green Massenza Sealmass M5

One of the latest Sealmass M5 asphalt sealers is about to roll off the assembly line at Massenza. However, this one will not be the usual red model but will be painted in NATO green, says Diego Massenza, the company’s general manager.

This example of the proven Sealmass M5 is headed to Sigonella air base in Sicily, to be used by the Italian armed forces for melting sealing compound and applying it in cracks and joints on the runway and surrounding areas. Sigonella is a major military airfield for Italian and US aircraft, particularly transport and maritime patrol models.

Thanks to the Sealmass M5’s thermal oil heating system for both the melting tank and hand-lance, the sealant is kept hot and liquid until the very last application point. It works even with very high viscosity compounds.

The drive wheel with has a variable 0-4km/h speed and there is a hydraulically operated steering system controlled by joystick. The melting tank has a capacity around 500 litres, with hot oil coils on top for melting and a stirrer with paddles driven by an hydraulic motor.

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