Combined machine COMBIMAS 10


Chip sealing is still considered one of the most cost effective surface treatments designed to protect and prolong the life of pavements - a perfect tool for preventive maintenance program.

The chip seal is basically the application of a bituminous binder on the pavement followed by the application of crushed aggregates. This new protective wearing surface will:

  • seal out the damaging effect of water;
  • increase skid resistance;
  • protect the existing pavement from aging.

Different types of binders can be used for chip sealing (conventional or polymer modified emulsions, polymer modified bitumen, etc.) as well as different sized aggregate, depending on the needs - traffic conditions, maximum speed allowed, cost considerations, etc.

To ensure a successful chip seal job one point is very important: aggregates must be spread on the binder immediately after is it applied. This is indeed ensured by the so-called “combined machine”, made out by a chip spreader and a spraying tank installed on one trailer only.

This solution has been indeed adopted in our new machine “COMBIMAS 10”, the state-of the-art equipment available nowadays on the market.

Thanks to its special design, this combined machine allows customer to:

  • utilise either bitumen emulsion or PMB for chip sealing;
  • load aggregates directly on the road application by a conveyor belt from dump truck.

This leads the unit on the working point avoiding to be obliged to move the unit from the job and go to the loading point (no need for a wheel loader).

Main features

  • TANK for Emulsion, Bitumen or Polymer Modified Bitumen with capacity of about 10 cubic meters, heating coils, automatic control of bituminous material temperature, drainage system.
  • PUMP for Emulsion, Bitumen or Polymer Modified Bitumen hydraulically driven, carrier unloading and spray bar delivery.
  • Automatic spray bar with jacketing system, hydraulically extendable up to 4 meters, suitable for Emulsion, Bitumen and Polymer Modified Bitumen.
  • Aggregates HOPPER with capacity of approx. 10 cubic meters, feeding conveyor belt with rubber carpet managed by hydraulic motor.
  • N°2 extendable aggregates hoppers with lateral displacement hydraulically controlled and synchronised with spray bar lateral extensions movement.
  • N°2 aggregate dosing and spreading system, each with extraction roller hydraulically driven (continuous variable speed automatically managed by truck speed and dosage set), gates pneumatically operated (opening and closing synchronised with corresponding spray bar nozzles opening and closing).
  • Hand spray lance with 3 nozzles, 4 meters long flexible hose (suitable for bitumen emulsion only).
  • Hot oil HEATER type "MO15", 150.000 Kcal/h power, fully automatic with diesel oil burner, electrically driven 24 V dc, hot oil circulation pump wit all regulation and safety instruments, expansion tank.
  • POWER UNIT with diesel engine liquid-cooled, power 74,9 kW at 2.500 rpm.
  • CAB CONTROL with TOUCH SCREEN for setup and use of all functions in automatic and manual modes.
  • N°2 manipulators for IN-OUT movements of spray bar extensions and grit extendable tanks.
  • N°1 TRANSCEIVER for communication between driver and rear operator.

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