Bitumen Handling Equipment - Concrete Slipform PaversBitumen Handling Equipment - Concrete Slipform Pavers


Maximum paving width in full section operation: 7,40 metres

Maximum height of the canal in slope paving : 6,50 metres






- DEUTZ liquid cooled diesel model BF6M1015C
Power rating 285 KW ( 387 HP ) at 1800 RPM. 
Fuel consumption 48,5 Kg/h at 80% of the rated power
Tanks capacity 

- fuel tank:  400 litres capacity 
- hydraulic oil tank: 800 litres capacity

Control system for steering and levelling

- the machine have manual and automatic control system. When in  automatic  mode the electronic over hydraulic assembly controls the grade, cross slope,  forward and reserve steering
Frame and extensions - rectangular tube, steel grade S355J2H
Hydraulic System - one open loop twin body vane pump EATON
- four variable displacement piston pump for load sensing system EATON
- one open loop pressure compensated pump EATON
- over sized oil cooling system suitable for tropical climate with fun hydraulically powered 
Hydraulic oil filtration  
- 20 micron absolute HYDAC filter on return line 
- 10 micron absolute pressure HYDAC filter on servo-valves line
- 90 micron set of filters on suction lines
Vibratory system twenty four hydraulic vibrator circuits with individual variable speed control. The speed is continuously adjustable from 0 to 10000 R.P.M. by suitable  hydraulic oil flow regulators. The automatic on-off control for the vibrators is synchronised with the machine  forward movement.
Twenty hydraulic stinger type vibrators
Crawler tracks   
- four hydraulically powered, gear-driven. Each of them steering and individually eight adjustable. Gear unit reduction rate i= 130,0.
- Dimensions: 2.352 x 549 x 747 mm. ( L x W x H ) 
Pad width: 400 mm.
Ground pressure: approximate 1,6 Kg/cm2 with weight evenly distributed
Concrete feeding - Hydraulically driven, variable speed  concrete charging conveyor. The rubber belt width is 600 mm. The rubber belt speed is continuously adjustable from 0 to 90 m/min.
Spreader auger(s) - reversible 330 mm. diameter. Hydraulic drive 
Water system - pressurised  tank, 1000 litres capacity. The air compressor has capacity of  300 cc. Max pressure set at 8 bars.
Machine weights - ranging from 32 to 42 ton.s depending from canal size

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