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The fundamental problem with roads repairing is the difficulty of keeping the workability of hot bituminous materials above the level where they’re able to receive full compaction, and without full compaction the effect of repairing will be greatly reduced.

Placing hot asphalt with THERMOBOX means indeed a better and easier laying! In fact, our unit is the only one utilising an hot oil heating system complete with a small heater and diesel oil burner: this way you get a perfect control of asphalt heating temperature avoiding separation of bitumen and aggregates (this two issue being there in case of direct flame heating system). Moreover, no problem at all to get the material out of the bin as the extraction system is all the way under hot oil heating – you’ll never get problems like others machines on the market...
Utilising hot asphalt at the right temperature has many advantages for the customer: improved efficiency during patching operation, less number of complains, no need to remove cold material, increasing of the working season, money savings, etc.

Our Thermobox equipment is available with a loading capacity of bituminous material bitumen from 3 m3 up to 6 m3.





(LxWxH, mm)

Empty Weight


 TBH 3  3  4195 x 2370 x 1540 3.150
 TBH 4 4  5015 x 2370 x 1540 3.500
TBH 5  5 5835 x 2370 x 1540 3.850
TBH 6  6 6655 x 2370 x 1540 4.200

Main features

•    Big opening on top with hydraulically driven doors for easy loading operation
•    Jacketing of the hopper with hot oil circulation.
•    Bitumen mix taking out screw feeder hydraulically driven and with hot oil jacketing.
•    Unloading chute mounted on swinging bearing for easy product distributing.
•    Over-sized hydraulic power pack stands for safety operations.
•    Diesel oil engine, 24 kW, encapsulated - the low noise level allow you to work in the down town with no problems
•    Network electric line connection
•    Control panel for overall control of the machine.

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