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Eletric grit spreader

Spreading chippings/aggregates on the road requires units able to ensure accurate dosing, uniform distribution, flexibility on aggregate size, quick and simple operation.
Moreover, the equipment must be cost-effective and easy to be assembled to the vehicle without any modification.

Our electric grit spreaders fully meets these needs, being designed to successfully spread grit of any size, dry sand, ice prevention salts, etc. even in very small quantities.

Our two available models, L 190-240 and L 240-300, can be assembled and removed in just a few minutes in place of the tailgate of a dump truck.

Main features

•    Ability to spread grits of any size
•    Extraction roller powered by gear motor 24V, 350 Watt, driven by truck's battery
•    Spreading rate can be varied by changing the truck's speed
•    Spreading width 300 cm (240 cm for L190-240 model) through 9 channels (7 channels for L190-240 model)
•    Rear overhang 40 cm

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