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03 Aug, 2021

Complete turnkey installation for bitumen melting: the «Bypass of Khabarovsk city» case


The «Bypass of Khabarovsk city», is a road construction project in the city of Khabarovsk, near the border between Russia and China. The goal is to build a 27.1-kilometer-long highway by autumn 2021.

The company Oleo, which is operationally in charge of the construction site, approached us for the construction of a melting unit installation to supply bitumen for the road construction.

The Bypass of Khabarovsk city project is financed through a public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism, whose major investor is Vis Group. Founded in 2000, the Russian holding company is active in the transport, social, and municipal infrastructure sectors, and carries out turnkey PPP and concession projects, managing every phase of their life cycle. The head office is located in Moscow, while the representative offices are located in 8 regions of the Russian Federation.

Vis Group's mission is the realization of infrastructure projects of strategic importance for the economic and social development of countries, as well as the improvement of people's quality of life.



Year of completion



Study, realization and complete installation of a bitumen melting plant, consisting of:

- 2 melting units (Big-Bags melting unit), type BB-4, with capacity up to 6 tons/h;
- 2 tanks for storing liquid bitumen, type TH56, with capacity of 50 cubic meters each;
- 1 hot oil heater, type MG100, power 1,000,000 kcal/h, for supplying diathermic oil for heating the whole installation;
- piping and valves to connect the entire installation;
- pump and loading arm for feeding bitumen to the transport tank.

What we did

- Complete installation for bitumen melting in Big-Bags, Jumbo Bags and Clovertainer® — turnkey supply.
- Supplied assistance in:
o identification of the model of melting unit suitable for the type of packing used by the customer;
o positioning of the components and connection of the various pipes by means of step-by-step drawings for all the sequential phases of assembly.


The project was critically important for three reasons:

- The client—the company Vis Group plays a key role in the development of Russian territory, but not exclusively. Since its foundation, 99 large-scale energy, industrial, transport, social, and oil infrastructures have been created in 23 Russian, and European, cities. Today, major projects are underway in Moscow and Novosibirsk, in Khabarovsk territory, in Yakutia, Yugra and Yamal;
- The territory—the Far East of Russia is considered to be one of the regions with the largest deficit in the production/consumption ratio of bitumen. In order to meet demand, additional storage capacity must be planned to meet road construction objectives;
- The goal—the "Bypass of Khabarovsk city" will lead to the construction of a large logistics complex for intermodal transport by air, road, and rail.

Thanks to our melting unit installation, we have collaborated on the largest road construction project in the Far East, which will open up new opportunities for the formation of transportation infrastructure needed in the intensive development of this region.

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