Canal pavers

MCP4500 - FS/HS


Maximum paving width in full section operation: 3,80 metres.
Maximum height of the canal in slope paving: 2,50 metres.


Data sheet


Technical data


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Tanks capacity

- fuel tank: 200 litres capacity
- hydraulic oil tank: 570 litres capacity.

Control system for steering and levelling

the machine have manual and automatic control system. When in automatic mode the electronic over hydraulic assembly controls the grade, cross slope, forward and reserve steering.

Frame and extensions

rectangular tube, steel grade S355J2H.

Hydraulic system

- fixed and variable displacement piston pumps
- over sized oil cooling system suitable for tropical climate.

Hydraulic oil filtration

- 20 micron absolute filter on return line
- 10 micron absolute pressure filter on levelling and steering valves line
- 90 micron set of filters on suction lines.

Vibratory system

eight hydraulic vibrator circuits with individual variable speed control. The speed is continuously adjustable from 0 to 10000 R.P.M. by suitable  hydraulic oil flow regulators. The automatic on-off control for the vibrators is synchronised with the machine  forward movement.
Eight hydraulic stinger type vibrators.

Crawler tracks

- two hydraulically powered, gear-driven. Gear unit reduction rate i=130.
- Dimensions: 3.469 x 561 x 849 mm. (L x W x H).
Pad width: 300 mm.
Ground pressure: approximate 1 Kg/cm2 with weight evenly distributed.

Concrete feeding

Hydraulically driven, variable speed  concrete charging conveyor. The rubber belt width is 500 mm. The rubber belt speed is continuously adjustable from 0 to 90 m/min.

Spreader auger(s)

reversible 330 mm. diameter. Hydraulic drive.

Water system

pressurised  tank, 400 litres capacity. The air compressor has capacity of  200 cc. Max pressure set at 8 bars.

Machine weights

ranging from 14 to 18 ton.s depending from the canal size.

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