Spraying tanks

PMB spraying solution

  • Special design for high viscosity bitumen, with large free flow circuit, oil heating of piping, valves, spray-bar, etc.
  • Suction filter of large dimensions and special delivery filter, easy removable for cleaning.
  • Heating system with bigger hot oil heater MO15 (150.000 kcal/h).
  • Thermal oil circuit with centrifugal pump, possibility of separate circuit for direct heating of spray bar.
  • Connecting pipes to spray bar fully jacketed and with telescopic adjustment (no flexible pipes).
  • Internal stirring with different devices, depending on the type of product.
  • Spray bars, hot oil jacketed, with large free flow dimensions, fixed length, extendable manually by articulated joints or hydraulically on both sides.
  • Special insulation, including also some bitumen piping.
  • Wide selection of optional to perform specific needs.

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