Sealing Machine SEALMASS M5


Cracks sealing is the appropriate system for maintaining pavements in good conditions and increase their service life. In fact, cracks in pavements allows water to penetrate into the inner road layers causing many failures as further cracking, potholes and eventually a major pavement breakdown, bringing to unnecessary and expensive repairs. To minimise pavement problems, cracks sealing with hot polymer/rubberised bitumen sealant is essential.

We designed during the last years a special machine - SEALMASS M5 - particularly for melting sealing compound and apply it into cracks and joints.
Thanks to its unique thermal oil heating system for both melting tank and hand lance, the sealant is kept hot and liquid until the very last application point, with many advantages:

  • easier and good quality application, even with very high viscosity compounds;
  • quicker heating with improved efficiency at the work site;
  • more safety and protection for the operator.

We’re proud to consider the SEALMASS M5 as the “new generation” sealing machine.

Main features

  • Drive Wheel with variable speed 0-4 km/h, hydraulically operated steering system controlled by joystick.
  • Melting Tank capacity approx. 500 l, hot oil coils on top for melting, stirrer with paddles driven by hydraulic motor, jacketed chamber for hot oil heating of product with thermostat control.
  • Diesel silenced Engine, 8.9 kW at 3.000 rpm.
  • Sealant Pump delivery up to 3.000 l/h, driven by hydraulic motor, submersed into the product.
  • Flexible Hose in stainless steel with hot oil heating system, double swinging joint with adjustable rotating supports.
  • Hot Oil Circulating Pump, centrifugal type, driven by hydraulic motor.
  • Diesel Oil Burner 24 V dc, 50.000 kcal/h capacity.
  • Single axle Trailer, overrun brake, spherical connecting joint (other on request), towing bar adjustable height.
  • Drive Wheel with variable speed 0-4 km/h, hydraulically operated steering system controlled by joystick.

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