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Company profile


Established before the Second World War, MASSENZA immediately started to work together with major oil companies (e.g. Exxon, Shell, etc.) supplying horizontal bitumen storage tanks along with a dedicated hot oil heater – the so called hot spots.
Fully focused on advanced technical solutions for bitumen handling, the company progressively widened both its products range and the customer portfolio including oil products resellers as well as road construction companies.
Between the different equipments developed in the first decade (during the 50s), bitumen emulsion plants, cut-back plants and bitumen/emulsion spraying tanks have to be specifically mentioned.
Towards the end of the 60s, the first PMB plant has been developed as a key milestone for the company.
During the 70s, a second product line of MASSENZA has been initiated with manufacturing of slipform pavers for concrete slabs. During the next decades, the company became specialist in the field of canal slipform pavers reaching leading level in this sector.
The company have been further growing its business over the last century, expanding his activity and establishing its presence in more than 100 countries all over the world.
Paying a special attention to the demanding needs of the global market, MASSENZA has recently dedicated its key resources to research and development of new equipments for road maintenance, successfully testing some prototypes.


With more than 70 years experience, MASSENZA is actually one of the worldwide leader of “Made in Italy” in this specific field.
The reasons for this success are, at first, the professionalism and the passion the whole MASSENZA team showed over years, continuously improving both the quality and the reliability of its products.
The family-owned company has grown over the years passing through four generations till nowadays. New partners have been also included in the company improving its structure and for sure greatly contributing to keep such a high team spirit alive over decades.


Having the customer satisfaction as a key target, MASSENZA always kept very high quality standards for its own products. The search for excellence has always been a distinction element for the company and it’s indeed spread at any level inside the whole organisation.
In line with the above, MASSENZA ensures since years a quality system according to ISO 9001:2008 certification on the overall product lines.
The continuous growth of the customers portfolio worldwide as well as its loyalty are the most tangible proofs of this winning approach to the market.


In a very competitive and demanding international environment, being number one is quite difficult.
And staying at the top level for years, being recognized as a reference supplier by major customers, is even more challenging.
This is happening since years to MASSENZA, whose plants and machines are more and more often selected - after accurate technical and economical evaluations - by key players in bitumen and asphalt mixes market as well as concrete slipform sector.
The strong commitment to increase and improve its products, as well as the effective cooperation with major customers worldwide, allows MASSENZA to develop and consolidate its “know-how” during its long history, continuously staying one step ahead competition !


IIn MASSENZA customers portfolio you can find all the different players of the bitumen business: oil companies, oil products resellers and road construction companies. Knowing the different specific needs, MASSENZA can offer several solutions tailor-made together with the customer to reach his complete satisfaction.
Based on type of project and customer demands, you can either get simple equipments or more complex installation, up to turn-key solutions including all elements like plant, storage tanks, heater, connection piping, pumps, etc.
Most plants can be offered with different automation and complexity degrees, in order to better meet any specific customer need.
User friendliness, simple installation and quick start-up are in any case ensured, as these are the characteristics the customers mostly appreciate all over the world.
The MASSENZA company is also proud of their customers fidelity towards slipform pavers: thanks to the huge experience built up over the decades in hundreds of job-sites around the world the company can supply all the time the most suitable equipment for each different customer project!


To support sales, a wide network of agents/representatives has been set up covering more than 60 countries. Thank to this network, MASSENZA can provide a living presence at both commercial and after-sale level.
Spare parts service is managed in a very quick and efficient way, either locally – whenever possible – or centrally from the Italian headquarter, always ensuring a quick answer to customer requests with the aim of reducing the delivery times as much as possible.

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