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Canal Construction Machines

MASSENZA custom design and manufacture convertible slipform pavers, and work bridges that operate oncanal slopes, on canal bottom or on the full section. The know-how gained from over 30 years experiencehas enabled Massenza to manufacture a line of machines versatile and reliable.

Each machine is equipped with an electronic over hydraulic control system for grade, cross slope and steering.The system is proportional to give a progressive correction without any step or mark on the concrete surface.

The main hydraulic circuits are "load sensing" type to reduce power usage and minimise the fuel consumption.The vibratory system runs stinger hydraulic vibrators. Each vibrator have one independent speed control forindividual adjustment. The vibratory system have an automatic on-off control which is synchronized with themachine movement.

MASSENZA hasdeveloped onemethodology ofpaving the canalsmostly based on theconcrete consolidationby internal vibration.This means that stingertype internal vibratorsare positioned insidethe hopper of themachine mold tovibrate the concretemass and drasticallyreduce the quantity ofentrapped air.

The primaryadvantage is thatmixes can be used thatare too dry and stifffor less effectivemethods ofconsolidation like pantype vibration or anyother traditionalconstructing method.

As a consequence thelife of the canal will beunbelievably longersince strength,durability and surfaceappearance are allclosely related to thedenseness of theconcrete.

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