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Storage Tanks

The storage tanks type “THERMOTANK” are intended for heating and storing of bituminous materials or others high viscosity material. These horizontal tanks are fitted internally with heat transfer oil coils and equipped with an automatic system to manage the product temperature avoiding the risk of overheating and keeping the product always at the set temperature.

The internal heat transfer coils, fabricated from steel tube and tested to 20 bars after welding, run the whole length of the tank in several layers at the very bottom part of it giving this way the maximum heating efficiency and avoiding cracking of bitumen even with minimum amount of product.
At the same time, rock wool insulation enables to reduce at the minimum level the heat loss reducing the heating cost.

The tanks are fitted with analogical thermometer, floating level indicator and hinged water-tight manhole.

In case that Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) has to be stored, then special stirrers are installed in the tank to ensure the proper agitation of the modified binder.



Nominal capacity


Loading capacity


Heating surface coils


Empty weight


Diathermic oil content


Shipping dimensions


 TH16 16 14 20 2600 100 3750x2500x2550
 TH24  24 20  24  3300 130  5250x2500x2550
 TH32  32 28  28  4100 230  6600x2500x2550
 TH40  40  36  32  4800  360  8100x2500x2550
 TH48  48  43  32  5500 470  9600x2500x2550
 TH56  56  50  36  6200  550  11100x2500x2550
 TH64 64  58  36  6900  640  12600x2500x2550
 TH72 72
 36 7600 720 14100x2500x2550

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