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Spraying tanks

Mounted on truck body or chassis for easy mounting onto vehicle, the solutions we  developed over years can have different capacities, dimensions and features  to match customers needs and suit truck specifications.

Base models for spraying of conventional bitumen, cut-backs and emulsions are equipped with direct flame heating system and offer high efficiency, reliability, easiness to use, low maintenance need and a long service life.

The winning concept of our more advanced solutions is the break-through heating system made by a hot oil circuit fed by a dedicated heater on board. This allow a more gently and accurate heating of the product inside the tank, as well as the heating of the whole spray bar (having it perfectly clean at any time) and of bitumen pump (avoiding thus any  plugging problem).
Bitumen pump hydraulically driven, hydraulic spray bar, computerized spraying control and other options are available to maximize efficiency and performances up to the highest standards.

A specific model for PMB spraying has been developed, including all the most advanced technical solutions required to ensure a trouble-free use of these high viscosity products.
Manufactured in high-tensile steel, all equipments and components are in accordance with EC standards.

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