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Melting Units

Bitumen logistic is sometimes an issue, especially in those areas where an adequate supply of hot liquid product through conventional road transport tanks is not ensured. Here most end users are consequently supplied with solid bitumen in drums, but then they have to melt bitumen back into liquid form prior to usage or storage it.

Since many decades, we have developed the most performing drums melting unit actually available on the market. Reliability, user-friendly and high efficiency are the key features of these machines, widely sold to all major road contractors, most of which owning more than one unit for each of their different job sites.

Following new trends to replace drums with alternative packaging, we have recently updated our product line, successfully launching new units able to melt either 1.000 kg, 300 kg or even 20-25 kg bitumen bags.


The Drums Melting Unit has been specifically designed to guarantee a very efficient melting of bitumen drums prior to usage.
We have two models available: “MD 3x8” and “MD 3x10”. , with a melting rate of about 4.000 and 6.000 kg/hour. This equipment is designed to continuously melt bitumen contained in standard drums of 200 kg/each, so to enable a constant supply of bitumen.
If needed, a suitable hot oil heater can be installed on the same skid to provide the required hot oil for the melting process and make the unit independent from external hot oil sources.

For more details on this unit, different configurations or options to melt alternative packaging than drums, feel free to contact us !

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