Bitumen Handling Equipment - Concrete Slipform PaversBitumen Handling Equipment - Concrete Slipform Pavers

CF1000 F/S



- main drive: Hatz model 1D90C, electric start, air cooled, diesel engine. Maximum power rating
14 HP, at 3000 rpm.,8 litres capacity fuel reservoir

- undercarriage drive: Hatz model 1D41, electric start, air cooled, diesel engine. Maximum
power rating 7 HP at 3000 rpm, 4 litres capacity fuel reservoir

- modular frame made from welded steel panels, in standard lengths of 1, 2 and 4 meters.
- finishing width is infinitely adjustable to within 1,25 meter less than the overall width. Finishing width adjustment are made from the operator's control panel using automatic reverse controls
- four grade jacks, manually height adjustable
- four pairs of double flange wheels, 80 mm wide, by 140 mm diameter. Two pairs are hydraulically
driven and two pairs are idle
- 250 mm diameter augers, for finishing carriage. One left hand, one right hand, with guard
- finishing cylinder mounted on finishing carriage, 250 mm diameter by 1250 mm long
- double chain undercarriage drive
- double rail/double wheel undercarriage guide
- designed for operation on flat and inclined surfaces without modification to basic frame structure.
Maximum slope angle 1:1




Stinger type hydraulic vibrator and mount assembly for attaching to front of undercarriage

Transversal joint cutter, for attaching to the rear of the undercarriage


- Longitudinal joint cutter, hydraulically operated for attaching to the frame panel


- Slope wedges for braking frame at the bottom of slope

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